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GWoS Dot Org: IT Consulting Network

GWoS Consulting specializes in providing Small Business with the technology support necessary in today's business world. As your "Non Resident IT Department", we'll provide you with unique computer and network solutions that are stable, expandable, and affordable. Low TCO is our motto at GWoS Consulting. Low TCO saves you money and allows GWoS Consulting to provide you with excellent service at an affordable price.

Our Mission Statement......

At GWoS Consulting, our number one goal is to help you. Whether you want to improve your computers performance, upgrade components, install a network, or just learn how to use your PC better, our consultants can help.

We come directly to your home or office to solve your computer troubles. Because we come to you, there's no longer a need to pack up your computer and take it to the nearest dealer for repairs. No one likes to travel to a store, leave their equipment there, and not be in full control of what happens with their equipment. With GWoS Consulting, we come to you, we fix it there with you, and we show you and tell you why it went wrong and how to correct it from happening in the future.

Most computer support is terrible. That's because people get stressed when their computers get sick - and then get even more stressed as they wait for help that takes forever. We at GWoS Consulting understand that, and it’s our job to make sure that your stress level doesn’t get your blood pressure up.

We Come to You!!

GWoS Consulting is a different kind of computer Support Company. Because we focus the finer details of IT work, we can offer a low per-hour pricing for carry-in, on-site or emergency service for everything from setups and installs to upgrades. Whether its PC or MAC, Unix or Linux, hardware or software, network installations to wireless technologies, we've got you covered. We prompt service when and where you need it.

Looking for prices? Call us now at 404-273-2173 for a brief consultation.

We accept cash or check. Payment is due upon receipt of services. We also offer scheduled maintenance contracts and pre-paid accounts, which we can tailor to meet your needs. Please contact us for details.

Our 4 Step Dragon Service Credo is our written guarantee of great service. Our mission is to make your experience with GWoS Consulting straightforward and enjoyable.

1. Quality, Efficient Service

There are many reasons why computers stop working properly. Things like spy ware and viruses can bring home and business systems to a grinding halt. That’s why we offer prompt and immediate service on all our repairs (some restrictions apply.)

2. Up-front Pricing

We offer low per-hour pricing for all our services. They don’t fluctuate or change daily; they remain constant throughout our servicing of your network. That way you know what your bill will be before the technician arrives. Along with the flat rate price, we also provide you with a minimum and maximum time to complete the work, keeping guesswork to a minimum.

3. Parts On-Hand

We carry a wide variety of standard computer parts and cables with us onboard our possession, which enables us to not only diagnose your problem, but also most often repair it in the same visit.

4. Guaranteed Workmanship

We provide a simple, no excuses guarantee. If the work we performed isn't satisfactory, or if the same problem returns within 15 days of our service visit, we'll make it right... free of charge. (Some conditions apply.)

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