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GWoS: Professional Full Service IT for Small Businesses

 cog3Quality Professional Service

Computers can be extremely finicky. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could spend hours trying to fix your computer. Sometimes it’s a hardware issue, other times it’s a software issue. Regardless of the problem we offer quality service that you can count on.

savings1Affordable Small Business IT Help

When you’re dealing with a complex problem you don’t fully understand it’s not uncommon for service men or women to take a little more then they ought to. We pride ourselves on providing upfront FREE estimates so you won’t be surprised. We believe this is what keeps our customers coming back time and time again.

computer228On Site Parts

Part of our secret to keeping our costs down so our customers can enjoy the savings is having on-site parts. We won’t have to run off or order this widget leaving you hanging for a week. We know your business relies on having reliable IT support a service we’re thrilled to offer.

GWoS Our Services:

         Servers                    IT Consulting                Web Design


We offer a full range of data and hosting solutions. We offer web hosting and offer the cheapest rates on VPS through partnerships we’ve built. If you need help setting up your dedicated server, web hosting or virtual private server we of course would be happy to help.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting is our bread and butter. We know small businesses are on a limited budget and are reliant on effective services to keep them up and running. We’ve been providing IT support for over 20 years and have received multiple awards along the way.

Web Design & Development

The foundation of an online presence is almost always a solid website. Our goal is to provide affordable web solutions that help a business drive online traffic and ultimately sales.

Regardless of whether you run an e-commerce store or a brick and motor store we can help.

We work in both Linux and Windows, however our preference is always to setup our clients with a robust Linux server. This is simply because of the cost savings and the simple fact that when setup correctly, Linux is far more user friendly than Windows.


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