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GWoS Dot Org Consulting Structure

GWoS Dot Org Administration Services offers a wide range of network support services for local and wide area networks. In addition, we provide network management and maintenance services including network performance monitoring, tuning and reporting. This also includes a constant re-evaluation and re-assessment of your network to optimize it to your needs. We will be your internal IT Department. You will never have a need for extra space or equipment. Our Technicians carry all the equipment they need with them.

Custom Support Plans
Regularly Scheducled Maintenance Checks
Certified Microsoft and Unix Technicians
24/7 Phone and On-Site Support

Plantinum 40 hours P.W. On-site Support Tech
Gold 20 hours P.W. On-site Support Tech
Silver 15 hours P.W On-site Support Tech
Bronze 10 hours P.W. On-site Support Tech

GWoS Dot Org Network Design & Implementation excels in network design, integration and installation. Our Techs will assess your current network and advise on an accurate implementation. We work under the premise of keeping your TCO down. Our techs develop stable network solutions. It is our job to make your company as accessible to the outside world as possible, while also maintaining the security and privacy that goes along with that. Do you need your contacts organized in a timely and orderly fashion? Our Developers can custom build a database solution that will help your business grow and flourish.

Database Engineering MySQL,PostGRESQL,Sybase,Oracle $150 phc
Security Analysis Firewall,Threat-Assessment,Forensic $120 phc
Communication Email, Spam Control, Cross-Migration $120 phc
Architecture Build Linux/Unix, Mac, Windows $120 phc

GWoSCN Disaster Recovery & Assessment provides accurate and detailed experience in the realm of disaster recovery. Hardware fails, Viruses hit, Empolyees damage, and disaster happens. Its our job to assess the damage and recover the data that you have lost in this event. We provide a number of solutions in the area of Disaster Recovery. GWoSCN will also peform forensics and examination recoveries for a variety of cases -- Litigation, Divorce, Cause of Failure.

Data Recovery HD, Optical, Tape, and Floppy $75 phc
Data Forensic Data Analysis, Divorce, Criminal Assessment $100 phc

*phc - Per Hour Contracted
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