Open Office SoftwareHere at, we pride ourselves in supplying your business with many different solutions to benefit your company in the long run. We are also longtime full supporters of the 100% free OpenOffice software program, which is a FOSS, or Free and Open Source Software, created by Sun Microsystems. However, if you’ve never used OpenOffice before, you may be asking yourself what it exactly is as well as what it can do for you.

Open Office Tools

-Writer, which is extremely similar to Microsoft Word. It also offers a roughly equivalent set of features and tools. You also have the ability to directly convert files to PDFs without needing to use extra software of any kind, as well as creating websites by using the program’s HTML editor.

-Calc, which is similar to Microsoft Excel, yet it provides some extra features that are not available in that specific program, including automatically defining graphing based on the specific layout of another user’s data. In addition, you can also directly write spreadsheets as PDF files.

-Impress, a program that is extremely similar to the popular Microsoft PowerPoint program. With this program, you will not only have the ability to create visual presentations, but you can also export them to Macromedia Flash files, which will allow them to be played on virtually any kind of computer that has a Flash player installed on it.

-Draw, which is a vector graphics editor that features versatile connectors between shapes. These are available in a very wide range of line styles. Draw can aid in some basic web development elements.

-Math, which is a program that can be used to edit and create different mathematical formulas that can later be embedded into other different documents created on This program can also export files to PDF as well as supporting multiple fonts.

-Quickstarter, which runs when a computer is started for the first time, but is a small program. This program will load OpenOffice core files and libraries upon startup, as well as making suite applications start much more quickly when they are selected later on.