If you are the administrator of a Wi-Fi network or if you want to install a WLAN in your business, you need to select the software’s monitoring network adequado, based on your business needs.

We will then discuss the best software of network monitoring in 2017 which, in our opinion, can help you monitor your Wi-Fi network remotely, anytime. With this software, you can stay informed about the status of your access points and you can avoid problems which, otherwise, could compromise the functioning of your Wi-Fi router.


But, first of all, answer the following questions:


What are the main features that any software of monitoring networks must have?

  • Remote monitoring to save time and money, since there is no need that a local system administrator manually monitor the network.
  • What is Network Tray Icon – you need to understand what a tray icon that’s showing network activity is.
  • Real-time access points to solve a problem wherever you find yourself.
  • Monitoring bandwidth to verify the speed of loading and unloading, bandwidth utilization, the percentage of load devices and avoid connectivity issues and bottlenecks.
  • Customizable instant alert settings . For example, through emails or SMS, if the system has irregularities or failures (such as capacity overloads or other technical defects).
  • Installation and easy integration within your current network.
  • Tracking and traceability of connected devices and usage trends. Moreover, thanks to the availability of these data, you can generate useful reports for performance and improving your system.


Below is the list of the 5 best software of monitoring, according to Tanaza.


  1. Netikus EventSentry : a customizable option




EventSentry is a tool to monitor any SNMP device, such as the Linux server, routers and switches that use SNMP. EventSentry offers a useful State website to see what services are currently online or offline.

Main functions : monitoring in real time of the registration of events, real-time analysis, monitoring bandwidth.

Pros : EventSentry is compatible with regulators such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, among others.

Price: After a free trial of 30 days, during the first year will have to pay 1 license priced at $84 (for each device Windows).



  1. ManageEngine OpManager : an extensible platform for managing your network

OpManager is a network management that allows you to small medium and large enterprises to manage and monitor your IT infrastructure effectively. This platform provides a wide range of tools to monitor networks, servers, and data centers, and for the identification of performance problems.

Main functions : monitoring and analysis of bandwidth, monitoring servers, monitoring Internet use, monitoring performance.

Pros: OpManager is a platform that covers different areas at the same time, networks, virtual and physical servers to event logs. The dashboard included in the platform allows you to monitor and track all devices connected in real time. OpManager is used by customers known as DHL, Siemens and NASA, among others.

Price: After 30 days of trial, the initial price that must be paid may vary from $16,495 for large enterprises (limited to 500 devices) to $595 for small and medium-sized enterprises (limited to 25 devices).



  1. Tanaza :software for the remote monitoring in the cloud-based

Tananaza - software

Our affordable cloud-based software is easy to use for managing Wi-Fi networks. Thanks to Tanaza, companies of different sizes can be remotely monitor their access points and their WLANs from in one place. In fact, if an access point goes down, you will receive one alert customizable and you can monitor its status from our centralized Dashboard.

Main functions : statistical networks and access points, bandwidth and monitoring load, real-time access points, monitoring Internet use, detailed analysis of their customers.

Pros: the monitoring remote plug-and-play, which allows you to save time and monitor in real time your access points deployed in one or multiple locations; the Cloud Dashboard, accessible from any device: smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops.

Price: 15 day free trial with all features included. Plan all in one partner starting from $8 per AP per month + entrance fee.



  1. PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler : a complete solution

paessler - the network monitoring company

PRTG Network Monitor is an inclusive, affordable and easy to use that he allows you to monitor all aspects of your infrastructure: from the LANs to servers, web sites, applications and WANs. This solution measures the State and the last access of all devices connected in real time, as also traffic, load and signal strength.

Main functions : maps and dashboards for analytics, real-time monitoring bandwidth, detailed reporting, flexible alerting, monitoring Internet use, monitoring distributed remote.

Pros: prices are public and there are no hidden extra costs; in a license you get all the features and this solution is suitable both for large companies such as small, scaling networks of any size; in addition to measurement data, with this traffic solution you can scan your network components, to avoid problems; being easy to use and intuitive, is suitable for both it professionals and experts.

Price: there are different editions depending on the number of sensors that customers need, whose prices vary accordingly. A free 30-day trial and a free Edition (limited to 100 sensors) are available.



  1. Spiceworks IT Desktop :a simple and free solution


Spiceworks is a solution that is simple to install and intuitive to use as software of network monitoring. With Spiceworks, companies can monitor what is happening in their networks, servers and devices from a control panel, in real time, from anywhere.

Main functions: bandwidth monitoring, monitoring Internet use, real-time analysis, customizable alerts, monitoring processes and services.

Pros: 100% free, unlimited devices, free support.

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