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Data Colocation and Backup

GWoS Dot Org Consulting will remotely backup and store your data offsite on our solid state servers. No more will you be concerned with Tape Backup devices that fail, Lengthy CDRW and DVDR backups that take an extenuating period of time. We will take care of that for you. Our Incremental backup system , using the latest technology, will incrementally backup your data on a set schedule Critical mission data is of great importance in today's day and age especially when the loss of such data would cause irreperable harm to your business.

Data Storage / Warehousing Storage of Data Offsite $25 pgs
Data Backup / Warehousing SRB and Storage $50 pgs
Data Backup / Optical Return SRB and Optical Return $75 pgs
Data Backup / Database Access SRB and Colo to Access $100 pgs
Access Colocation Colocation of Data to Access $150 pgs

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